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Starting in a new high school can be a bit challenging and a bit scary. It's a significant change, especially if none of your friends from middle school have joined you in the new school. But it's time to take advantage of the opportunities to make new friends and form unique and unforgettable...

Encourage Children to Start a Summer Project

There are many options, like starting their own lemonade stand or joining a local sports team. It's essential to keep them entertained during these weeks without school by enrolling them in activities they find appealing. These projects will spark...

A Tutor Improves Academic Performance and Overall Efficiency

First and foremost, tutors have a different role from teachers, which puts them in a unique position to support their students. Teachers do not have the opportunity to tailor their approach to each pupil. However, they get to present a...

Tech gadgets have made life more pleasant, but it's also why many people overlook traditional skills and activities such as handwriting. Today The Tutoring Center, Covington, explains why writing by hand is a fun brain workout, especially at a young age.

It Favors the Association of Ideas and...

Parents can often make mistakes when doing homework with their children and they can help them more than they should. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Covington, and learn about the disadvantages of doing your child's homework.

Homework Is Meant for the Child and Not for the...


Little by little, the knowledge use in these five professions is more valued. The faster you decide to study any of these, the more likely you are to excel in these promising fields.


Biotechnology is the study of biological systems with applications in different technologies. It...

The Tutoring Center, Covington, shares a couple of suggestions on studying during the winter break that will help you and your children increase productivity and make the most of their free time.

Time Planning

The key to taking advantage during the winter break is planning and sticking to the...

  Follow these tips by The Tutoring Center, Covington, to help your children with their learning requirements at home.

Introduce a Precise Set of Goals

It's imperative to set a short-term plan of attainable goals. You have to help the child establish that modest goal and work towards it;...

The Tutoring Center, Covington presents you with some tips to make reading a pleasant activity.

Reading Is a Habit That Should Be Associated with Pleasure

The first thing you have to read are topics that really interest you and with which you feel connected to. NEVER start with the classics of...


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