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Reading is a great activity that can be both fun and educational. Since your child will likely have some free time over winter break, why not encourage them to develop a healthy reading habit during these weeks? Use these tips below to get your child to be a lifelong reader.

Set Reading Goals

Before winter break starts, sit down with your child and develop some reading goals. These goals can be anything from how many books they want to finish over holiday or how much time they will dedicate to reading daily. Map out a plan to help them reach these goals by the end of their break.

Make Reading Fun

Many students don't like to read because they never get to do it for fun. They may only read textbooks and assigned books that aren't enjoyable for them. Turn this around by encouraging your child to read books they find appealing. Take a trip to the local library and allow your child to choose books, magazines, graphic novels, and anything else they are interested in. Once they start reading books they genuinely like, they may discover they do want to read.

Set the Right Reading Example

As a parent, it's crucial to set the right reading example for your little ones. Many young students mimic their parents' behavior without even thinking about it. Set the right reading example, be sure your child sees you read daily. Whether it's the newspaper or a novel, reading in front of your children will encourage them to do the same.

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