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If you're looking to get the most out of your study time this school year, creating a study space in your home can be a great help when it comes to focusing. To help you create a productive study area, follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Covington.

Get Comfortable

The first step in creating a functional study space is deciding where to make it. Pick a room in your home that is comfortable, well lit, and that isn't too far removed. Keep in mind that the temperature should be comfortable and that the colors in the space should help you relax and concentrate. Once you find the perfect room, you need a comfy chair and a spacious work table or desk. Avoid working on the couch or your bed because even though these spaces are comfortable, they may be too comfortable and not conducive to productivity.

Remove Distractions

When picking the space for your study area, be sure you are away from distractions that will win over your attention when trying to work. Ideally, the room should have minimal foot traffic and be away from televisions and other distracting technology, such as video games. If you're prone to get distracted by your cellphone, leave it in another room until you are done studying. Do your best to keep the space organized and free of clutter, so you have an easier time concentrating on your work.

Stock up on Supplies

An excellent study space should be stocked with the supplies you'll need to complete your assignments. Essential supplies that should always be within reach include pencils, pens, an eraser, scissors, a ruler, paper, and a stapler. If needed, a computer and a printer are also items to consider supplying your study space with. Having these items within reach will reduce your need to get up and look for them, allowing you to stay concentrated and productive.

If your child can help develop their study skills and study habits, The Tutoring Center, Covington, can help. They offer many academic programs that are sure to target your child's needs. Contact The Tutoring Center, Covington, at (425) 578-4946 for more information or schedule your free consultation for tutoring in Covington.


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