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How to Keep Your Child Motivated Throughout the School Year

Some students won't start the school year feeling motivated. So, if your child struggles to keep up and maintain a positive attitude in stressful circumstances, use these tips to help them get their inspiration back.

Focus on Building Self Confidence

Students with low self-esteem will have an easier time losing their motivation because they often refer to themselves as dumb. They may think their classmates are all brilliant and that they don't measure up. If your child doesn't believe in their own ability to learn or doesn't think they're smart, turn this around by pointing out their talents and skills. Let them know that everyone has different strengths, including them. So, they must work on overcoming their struggles and detect areas to improve. It may help to look back on all that they've learned to see their progress. Of course, you should also let them know that you believe in them because you know they're brilliant on their own terms.

Show an Interest in Your Child's Academics

Students can lose some of their motivation if it seems like no one else cares about their academics. As a parent, it helps if you ask your child questions about their school day and show some interest in what they're learning in class. Offer your child help with homework and recognize their hard work. Celebrate their successes so that they're more excited to share them with you in the future.

Give Your Child the Tools to Thrive

If your child is seriously struggling with a class, they may be tempted to give up. Don't let them quit and instead look for additional academic support. Consider enrolling your child in tutoring sessions that can help them catch up on their lessons.

To keep your child performing at their best this school year, consider enrolling them in tutoring in Covington. If you'd like to know more about the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Covington, WA, give their learning center a call at (425) 578-4946. Don't forget to ask about scheduling your free diagnostic assessment.


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