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Getting your child to write might be a bit of a struggle, as most children will associate writing with essays or school reports. While all of this is true, writing does provide a creative outlet that most students don't give a chance to. If that's the case, propose fun writing activities that will allow them to be creative and express themselves. Use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Covington, to get your child to write more.

Outdoor Writing Practice

Young children who are just starting to learn to write letters and numbers struggle to pay attention when forced to practice indoors and using standard pencil and paper. If the weather's nice, head outdoors to practice outline letters or use the colorful sidewalk chalk and modeling clay to encourage your child to practice writing.

Encourage Them to Write Reviews

If they're watching a movie, heading to a sports match, or even playing a new video game, have them sit down and write a review about their experience as this is a great exercise for your children to have their say healthily.

Writing Short Stories

To encourage your child to get creative, suggest them penning short stories. Make it a family activity and have one person start the tale, and after writing one paragraph, pass on the writing duties to someone else. Each person will be in charge of contributing at least one section to the story before it comes to an end. Once the narrative is complete, get together to read it out loud.

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