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Is Your Child Burned Out?

Academic burnout is a serious issue that you shouldn't take lightly. If you're worried that your child is already burned out or coming close to it, use these tips to identify burnout and combat it.

Signs of Academic Burnout

One of the most apparent signs of academic burnout is constant exhaustion. This doesn't mean your child will be tired after staying up late to study for an exam, but rather that your child is constantly physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted no matter how much rest they get. Your child may lose sleep and even start to skip meals because of the amount of stress and pressure they feel to perform. Over time, your child may stop enjoying activities they once loved and may even stop socializing. If your child is losing motivation and constantly stressed, they may need help combating their burnout.

How to Combat Burnout

You must recognize these signs and offer your child support as a parent. Allow your child to express to you what is causing them to feel so stressed and overwhelmed, and work from there to make changes. Be supportive and help your child develop healthy habits, including eating well-balanced meals, sleeping enough, and staying physically active. It's also vital for your child to have realistic goals that are challenging and achievable. Avoid pushing your child too hard and let them know that you're there to support them.

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