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Having Homework Habits Means Designating a Regular Time and Place to Do Daily Tasks

You don't necessarily need to have a desk in the house. The kitchen table can work just as well. No matter where you choose, it should be well lit and quiet, free from distractions like television, other children playing, or people talking on the phone. Keep your child's supplies (paper, pencil, dictionary) in handy so they can get started quickly and on their own every afternoon or evening.

Some Children Prefer That One of Their Parents Sits with Them While They Do Their Homework

You may find this to be an acceptable request, especially if you have your own reading or paperwork to complete. However, you shouldn't do your child's homework. Your child may need a little help concentrating and getting started and organizing his approach to homework but that's not an invitation to their work.

Once the Homework's Done, Do One Last Revision

If your child or your child's teacher asks you to review their homework, you may want to check it out before you bring it to school the next morning. Usually, homework is best left to the child's and teacher's side. However, your contribution may vary depending on the teacher's philosophy and the purpose of homework.

Academic Tutoring in Covington

Whether your child needs help studying for a test or simply wants to get ahead in class, enrolling them in tutoring in Covington can help them reach their academic goals. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Covington to learn more about how tutoring can help your child. For more information, give their learning center a call at (425) 578-4946.


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