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The Tutoring Center, Covington, shares a couple of suggestions on studying during the winter break that will help you and your children increase productivity and make the most of their free time.

Time Planning

The key to taking advantage during the winter break is planning and sticking to the schedule. Parents and children must mutually agree on the working hours during the holidays, and with this pact in place, each of the parties involved must assume their responsibility. In this case, it's advisable to design this schedule or add it to the calendar and displayed it in a visible place.

Schedule Their Projects and Activities

Most children start their day in the morning; it's better to keep it that way during the winter break to strengthen the habit. Besides, it's suggested that all children's activities are practiced during the first hours of the morning, after breakfast since it's the time of day when they are rested enough to grasp new information. If they finish their duties early, they'll feel they have the whole day ahead of them. It's essential to let them see that the reward of studying in the morning turns into freedom for the rest of the day.

Study Days

The winter break will help them disconnect from their school duties. Hence, study days should be reduced from Monday to Thursday and insist on the working schedule taking place in the morning. Having three days of rest will revitalize their mindset before returning to their tasks on Monday; you'll see they'll face them in a different mood!

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