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Little by little, the knowledge use in these five professions is more valued. The faster you decide to study any of these, the more likely you are to excel in these promising fields.


Biotechnology is the study of biological systems with applications in different technologies. It has become more relevant than ever since the Covid-19 pandemic reinforced the need for this area of knowledge, as it's necessary to create vaccines and medications alike. It's also a broad field since it has applications to combat climate change by practicing more efficient industrial methods in green and maritime areas.

Public Relations

The experts in this field can create solutions to different problems, especially in crisis times, causing the least negative impact. After the financial crisis and social concerns that have erupted in recent years, it's crucial to have an interdisciplinary approach to solve conflicts.

Environmental Engineering

This discipline is in charge of studying and generating environmentally-friendly industrial processes, either through the reuse of materials or clean energy. The UN has set 2030 as the target year to achieve sustainable growth on the planet. Thus private companies and public institutions need environmental engineers to complete this transition of their activities to a green model with minimal impact on ecosystems.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

This career provides foundations to create solutions to the planet's economic, social, and environmental problems without harming any human activity. Similarly, the Earth needs experts in green energy, and humanity needs specialists trained to decrease social inequalities. Professionals in Social Responsibility and Sustainability will have the knowledge to combine both needs and come up with achievable solutions.

Engineering in Business Management

This career trains multifaceted professionals whose primary purpose is achieving sustainable business growth. This career provides knowledge in Finance, Administration, Marketing, Mathematics, and Engineering. This field gives students a global vision of a company's activities and growth possibilities to figure out how to overcome its challenges.

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