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The Tutoring Center, Covington presents you with some tips to make reading a pleasant activity.

Reading Is a Habit That Should Be Associated with Pleasure

The first thing you have to read are topics that really interest you and with which you feel connected to. NEVER start with the classics of world literature if you're not used to this genre, start with a lighter text on a topic that catches your attention and work from there.

If You Don't like the Book You Are Reading, Put It Down!

Reading is not suffering, quite the contrary! It's alright to be determined and finish everything you start but if you found a book boring without having finished it, feel free to quit and start another one. This is a habit that it's supposed to be entertaining, interesting, and doesn't have to make you yawn.

Don't Make Excuses

Try to give words and stories time, that will give you a new perspective to see things that you hadn't seen or understand before.

One of the Best Ways to Increase Your Intelligence Is to Read More

You can read faster — and therefore gain more knowledge — if you manage to eliminate that inner voice while reading, or stop moving your lips while reading.

Get Together with People Who Read

And try to read about books, to know what is worth and not worth of your time and energy.

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